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  1. To all our Indigenous People who cannot make it to our national wave of grassroots protests on Monday, be with us in spirit and we will be the voice for our voiceless, for those of you who are not interested or do not know what is happening, we will fight for you until you wake up!!!! For as long as the sun shines, the grasses grow and the waters flow, we will remain the true strong and proud owners of our ancestral homeland! No more will colonial greed and ignorance push us aside while they get rich off our lands and resources, no more will they tell us what to do, no more will they tell us who we more my more....we will forever be sovereign peoples!!!

    Ozaway Pinesse

    1. You need to understand what indigenous culture is before the white man arrived...tribal as opposed to individusl metal alphabet. A Hunter-Gatherer society, who did not consider themselves owning the land instead trying to survive on it. Not the romantic and idealistic notions that many would have you believe... You must also understand that it took thousands of years for European civilivation to develop and millions died and suffered while on this journey. Indigenous peoples have taken this journey in about 500 hundred years and yes it has been painful as well. Much like a child growing up and rebelling against their parents before finally becoming self sufficient and self-determining. Also understand that all the things you have come from resource exploitation....roads, houses, schools, heat, health care, cars and it is the work of people who pay taxes to pay for these things.

    2. 500 Years - Really.... It seems 'our' education system isn't working that well either....

      Regardless, the facts are simple. We made agreements that we have not honoured. Personally, as a 'white man', I think it is our responsibility to live up to our agreements. We have failed for years to do this, and our current government is using rhetoric and misinformation to 'convince' us in everything it does - NOT just in this issue.

      The 'Conservative' moniker is a purchased name by a fundamentalist movement started by the Reform Party. They are by NO means similar to the Progressive Conservative Party they used as a method of legitimacy to support their movement. Fundamentalism has no place in any Democratic Society. Fundamentalism has NO interest in anything other than its OWN agenda, and unfortunately this does not fall within its area of interest. As usual, it will make public announcements and statements indicating what a wonderful job they are doing; statements about how much they are helping. But these are hollow promises used to consume time until we forget.

      Maybe they should use the 10's of millions of dollars they are spending to promote their Party's policies on this issue - Canadian Action Plan - Or should I say the 'Conservative Party' continuous campaign ads.

      Anyway - back to the point... Your argument assumes that Canada has no responsibilities, obligations or commitments. This is unfortunate.

      To Steven Harper - As a 'White' Canadian, I consider your actions typical of someone without morality or honour. Regardless of what you say or agree to, you should at least have the courage and moral decency to meet with the Chief.

      To David Johnston - The Governor General - While it is true you cannot negotiate or offer anything on behalf of the Canadian people, you DO represent the Crown who originally made said agreements. As such you too should have the integrity to meet the Chief and at LEAST express the limitations of your role.

      Time for change - Regardless of who is in power, we MUST deal with these issues now. Not only the specific issues regarding Aboriginal Peoples and Treaties, but also those that will damage the environment and our way of life. With any luck, the neo-fascist government now in power won't last long

      (neo-fascist is my opinion... a term not used by anyone involved with the movement as far as I am aware - I do not want to colour the expressions made by those involved here...)

    3. hello idle no more i am a 32 yr old native from adams lake indian band i love that this movement has risen and im a part of a 32 year resistance and i am an educated young warrior of the secwepmec tribe in chase bc i have my own company named GazeEffect it deal with my artwork and behind it i have a lot of storys n writing that i have that i would like to present to the world and to idle no more i am a young artist with a son who is 4 yrs old and i am raising him my self i made changes in my life towards getting my son back out of the foster sytem and have credentials in my life that could help in the movenment my story is worth telling and i think what i have ex[peianced as a young aborigonal with a child at my side i think that i can offer a great deal in this. to give ideas and share, i am a firm believer of the great spirit i have been on the red road for long while now and i am proud to be a shuswap indian i stride for my people to great hights thank you haaaa chaaa!! all my relations

  2. Information:... Bill S-8 , Bill S-2, Bill C-48, Bill C-428, Bill S-6 which is First Nation election Act, First Nation Education Act, British Columbia Tripartite Framework Agreement of First Nation Health Governance, Bill C-27, Omnibus Bill C-38, Indian Act Amendment and Replacement Act, Bill S-207 Non-Derogation of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, Bill S-12 First Nation Self Government Recognition Bill, Bill C-45 which is not only about water, including Indian Act amendments regarding voting on reserve lands surrender and designations.

    The objectives of the 1969 White Paper on Indian Policy and ALLthe following bills were to *assimilate First Nations *remove legislative recognition *neutralize constitutional status *impose taxation *encourage provincial encroachment * eliminate reserve lands and extinguish Aboriginal title *economically under developed communities *dismantle treaties

    It appears First Nations are at the proverbial "end of the trail". Most grass roots people aren't even FULLY INFORMED about the dangerous situation facing them and their future generations. THE ONLY WAY TO COUNTER THE HARPER GOVERNMENT IS TO:
    * have all negotiating First Nations suspend their talks
    *organize co-ordinated National Days of Action to register First Nation opposition to the Harper governments termination plan
    * demand Canada suspend all First Nations legislation in parliament
    * change Canada's land claims and self government policies to "RECOGNIZE AND AFFIRM" THE INHERENT ABORIGINAL AND TREATY RIGHTS OF FIRST NATIONS
    These were tactics that were used when previous federal governments Buffalo Jump Act was introduced in the 1990's which resulted with the Oka crisis. Prepare your warrior spirit.

    Chief Barry Kennedy

    1. As a taxpayer I demand that all Cheifs who get their salary from the public purse tell us how much money they make. This is in Bill C45.

      You should see the video at
      for the real reasons behind this protest. If you are living in poverty blame your own government (your Chief and councillors

    2. Its time for the First Nations people of Canada to standup and say no. I respect what the "Idle No More" movement is doing but we must do more. Changes to the Indian Act were done without a represenative of The First Nations people being there, therefore it is a denial of our fundelment freedom n rights under the constition act of 1867 aswell as constitional Act of 1982 which required Haper to send Invitation aswell have The Grand Chief represent of The First Nations people present. Its a act of war by doing so because its an infringement on our rights, aswell as religious rights and taking land from us as they wish which does qualify it as an act of war against the First Nations people of canada and falls under the United Nations act against Genocide of any culture in any country.
      The First Nations people should ban together and take up arms against the Government do a blockade of the trans-Canada highway aswell as the yellowhead route and stand our ground until Harper and the Conservative government reconizes the blockage protest and admits to the genocide and the breach of our rights as first nations people by changing laws to benifit them and not us. We did it in Oka we can do it across canada in sheer numbers.

    3. I am so sick of people demanding that chiefs have to make their salaries public when Stephen Harper has made a complete joke of due process and transparency during his time in office. Maybe when he and his buddies hold themselves to a higher moral standard we can start demanding that others do.

    4. I am elated that the Aboriginal community is uniting to resist the Harper government's attempt to run roughshod over all people who do not agree with the Conservative view of things.

      I am ashamed that other Canadians could not organize to resist this oppressive, bullying government that inflicts their core values on the whole country with just 37% of the vote.

      Believe me, many, many people support your cause,

      Marian Montague

  3. Can we get it in French? please reply and I can find people to translate for you!

    1. hi .. sure we can try to translate and post, thanks.

    2. Hello Anonymous, we added in a translation ability on the page, it's on the top left side below the banner title. Thank you for the feedback, greatly appreciated.

    3. Dear Shannon and other members of this inspiring movement,

      Yes, it is very important to get not only translation but original content in French; many Indigenous people here in Québec have French, rather than English, as their second language. We could take part in organising a translating team - any individual freelance translator or person with the requisite knowledge of French, English, and better still, of the languages of Indigenous nations will have limited time to volunteer, but a team could share the work as has been the case for other movements. There are also great people at APNQL/AFNQL, and at Femmes autochtones du Québec / Quebec Native Women.

      Idle also needs French-language press releases and a roster of potential interviewees who speak French.

  4. How do old white guys like me who thought "indians" were a bit scary and sort of nuts for most of my life join into this movement? It's taken almost 60 years to wake up and see who is really nuts, and it ain't the people who honour nature. Anyway, I'd still like to know how the likes of me could help. Or, at least not hurt so much.

    1. Hey Walter, join us on fb search "idle no more official " and look in documents section regarding treaties by Sharon Vienne. EXCELLENT resource for learning more. Thanks so much for your support!

    2. We breathe, drink and eat what we put into the air, water and ground.

      Canada is a multicultural society. We have a duty to protect unique First Nation languages, cultures and spiritual beliefs. Canada has a special obligation to urgently repair damage caused by Canada's colonization before more languages, cultures and beliefs are lost.

      Canada's legitimacy requires that we settle all outstanding First Nation land claims by treaty in a fair manner. I oppose resource or right of way development on disputed land, providing an incentive to all parties to settle disputes expeditiously.

      Many First Nation communities are over crowded and lack safe drinking water and/or proper waste water treatment.

      Many First Nation communities suffer extreme poverty and related social problems.

      Therefore, I agree with the goals of the Idle No More movement.

  5. “It has nothing to do with selling off, surrendering lands. It has everything to do with allowing First Nations a much quicker and simpler process to designate lands they want to turn to economic development purposes, for leasing purposes. We have had multiple requests from across the country to expedite the process,”

    They're letting us grow up and you guys are still complaining read your facts friends before putting him as a tyrant!.
    So after about 3 and half hours of reading and listening to talks this basically is about shell wanting to do more business with the Tsuu T'ina and Stoney Nations, they're the one wanting more money from shell for the destruction of their so called sacred lands and they're still negotiating it. The media hasn't covered that cause it's seemingly irrelevant at the moment and in which it would cause more outrage against our own people within.

    The actual Bill C-45 is not the culprit, it's a bill to ensure legal actions would be followed with the health and safety of workers and to ensure serious penalties that result in serious injuries and or deaths. But, they did fiddle with a few 'acts' that would help proceed the business between the Tsuu T'ina and stoney nations and their land.

    Shell and our National Government, doesn't matter which party it is were bound to come together and discuss this situation for the long run of their annual income.
    If we have learned anything in the past few years friendly protesting will not get anywhere neither will Written demonstration, Civil Disobedience, Destructive or Direct Action. With the recent, majorly disappointing “Occupy Wall Street”, “the 2008 Recession” all the way to “The Oka Crisis”. Has anyone, company or group been paid back?. These days multibillion dollar company's and shy governments make the decisions. And i don't mean that in a subtle way. From the past people have come to see that there is two tiers of justice, one for the people and one for the big billion dollar company's that can bring down a whole country into recession and get a slap on the wrist as long as they get say they'll never do it again.

    As for Bill C-45 i don’t see it not going to be denied, it be nice to have the protection of our legalities when on the job, specially for those who work on dangerous sites or areas. But the few 'Acts' that have been changed around since 2004 when the Bill was first introduced to Canada, need to be thoroughly read and discussed for a outcome that can be agreed upon.

    You hear people talk about their lands but you don't see much people taking care of their lands. Reserves can be compared to third world countries or lost communities. You don't need our government to clean it up for us, grow our trees back, bring the livestock and fisheries back in order. Its our so called land it's our responsibility. There's no reason why should we rely on others and then turn on our back when we hear them put forward a few words and sentences that we don't understand.
    It's nice to see a lot of our people coming out to protest, but as for me i know a lot of them doing it for a vanity benefit, but for those doing it for the cause, “good luck! and I'll see you after the 21st.”

    And don't compare Harper to Hitler, he was not as smart or near good looking

    PS: I don’t believe in what Hitler did or believed. Don’t be stupid.

  6. Here's a song I wrote that I think you guys will like::

  7. Looking forward to hearing the engines go from idle to REV when we meet in Ottawa. I would suggest that you take a look at history and see what has worked, perhaps the most successful peaceful protest by a group in Canada has to be the Tamil uprise, it affected what politicians care most, voter opinion! -

    Through friendship centres and urban organizations there are 10 times the amount of Tamils in Toronto/Ottawa/etc then anywhere else. There have been rehearsals already during the Aboriginal day by many communities, now it is time to play the game.

  8. There will be a peaceful blockade on highway 897 that runs through Frog Lake First Nation #121 & #122. This will start at 11am on December 17/ 2012. The elders have asked for a 24 hr blockade. Pipes will be raised. This is in response to the Harper Government Omnibus Bill C-45. They are in clear violation of the treaties. The chiefs were not consulted. All four directions are in jeopardy. Spread the word.


  9. Yes there will be a peaceful blockade at the general store. The blockade could be up to 24hrs. It all depends on the elders on when to lift the blockade. That's where we seek our guidance from.

    1. Canada's day to day economy partly depends on trucking. Shut down the trucking routs will cripple the local economy. During our (East Indian) struggle for independents we shut major cities in Indian which prevented Indian goods from being stole to Britain. We did it in peace and in truth, no violence. There has to be some guns to deter the cops who are heavily armed.
      My advice, start stoking weapons and Amor. The whites are doing it in anticipation for a uprising by Natives. Custer feared the seventh generation and that fear has be passed down.

    2. Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated, especially being non-native yourself. However as a member of the North American Indian community, my advice would be against taking your advice. We may or may not have guns, but guns are a simple tool used for gathering food, not a protective measure against the bully police. Armor although sounds harmless, will likely be interpreted by police as an intention of violence. Armor, as far as i know, is illegal for individuals citizens to own, so 'stocking up' we would have to involve ourselves with criminals. In closing, i would like to add that I am not attacking you or your opinion, rather I am expressing my own opinion. Please continue to speak in support of our communities.

  10. Has anyone contacted the people in Terrrabonne, Louisiana about their support of Shell Oil dumpling plastic into the waterways of the Mississippi? Here's the link

  11. Kuei, it would be nice to have some information in french as native people in Quebec speak french. Thank you very much. :)

    Carole Labarre
    Pessamit, Quebec

  12. Dear Mr. Harper why have you created and why are you pushing this Bill C45? Are you feeling threatened because ‘Our Indigenous Peoples’ are becoming educated on our own accord? Because let’s face it in spite of your government’s best efforts to stop us from receiving an education, we are getting educated! Are you trying to eliminate our Treaties, before the truth of what you are doing to our land and Treaties is shared? While you have been busy raping the lands, we were finding our voices. Do you remember them, the voices we had before they were stripped from us in the residential schools! Are you doing this before we are seen as real people with real issues? Your government segregated us to remote reserves; well today’s technology has helped us re-connect! Today we are standing together in unity and you can’t make us go away!

    We are the original keepers of this land. We are the First Peoples of this land and we most definitely have a say! We opened this land and welcomed you all; now we all have to take care of the earth or we will not have a home. We all share in this responsibility. The key word here is “responsibility”. We need to make sure that the earth and everything the Creator put on the earth will always be here for the future generations.

    Mr. Harper, are you that blinded by ‘anger and greed’ that you cannot see past your own nose? Have you become so ‘gluttonous and envious ’ of other oil rich countries that you cannot see the irreparable damage you are saying yes to? Please wake up Mr. Harper there is no need to obliterate our Land! You are just a few short of the seven deadly sins! We voted you in because we believed in you; check your False Pride and EGO! Our national anthem says “Oh Canada, Our Home and Native Land…it does not say ‘Your Canada, take our homes and kill the native land’.

    Dear Queen Elizabeth, I ask you our Queen where do you stand in this mess? Will you stand with us? Will you stand by The Royal Proclamation made by your ancestors to our ancestors?

    The Royal Proclamation of 1763 and Treaties still matter because they are records and evidence of the true relationship that should exist between Canada and indigenous peoples. This protection is given further weight by the amendments made in 1983.

    In Respect of what should be and Kindness,
    Patricia Dobrik
    An Original Canadian who found her Voice!

  13. Tomorrow 30 kids from my high school, Oskayak in Saskatoon will be going on a 24 hour fast to honor Chief Theresa Spence. Our prayers will be with her, we will have an elder present conducting a pipe ceremony. She is not alone, our high school is willing to do ANYTHING for the Idle No More campaign to end this battle with the Canadian Government once and for all.

  14. Get your #IdleNoMore merchandise:

  15. A group of 100 Aboriginal people met today at Couchiching First Nation, Fort Frances, Ontario. We came up with some strategies to protest the Conservatives efforts to pass the Bills without consent our people. Our first initative is a Protest Walk on Friday, December 21st and we plan to work hand in hand with our First Nation and Metis leaders. A working group was established to organize, brainstorm ideas, and ensure that these initiatives are carried out in a timely manner. We plan on uniting all our aboriginal people and fighting the Harper Government in a peaceful and respectful way. We are a strong community with a lot of educated and resourceful people. We will be peaceful and respectful but we are Ogititawe, and we don't give up without a fight. Miigwetch. Will keep you updated.

    1. There is nothing to fight about. Treaties cannot be changed with out both sides agreeing to it, while the government can and should rip up the Indian act which is a piece of legislation that they can change without consultation, while the chiefs who are the real problem should be telling the taxpayer (including aboriginal taxpayers ) how much money they make and the people should be blaming them for housing problems while they deal with issues. This is what self government is about. For more info about what this is really about see

  16. with this bill I have become angered and I wish to change it, but also feel helpless because its hard to be heard, so I wrote a letter and I think I should share it

    Dear whom it may concern,

    This Bill-C45 is wrong, I personally believe we shouldn't be treated "equal" at this time. For the many things the government has done to my people. try to imagine having your children taken from you, and you can't do nothing about it or you'll face serious consequences. Try having to see your children very little, and when you do you hear things a parent wishes never to hear, having to hear about sexual, mental, physical abuse that has been done to your child. Try having to be a child and see your parents drink their problems away and cause more mental or physical abuse or doing drug abuse to num the pain. Try feeling like you have no culture, no identity, because your ways have been taken from your people and are hard to find. Hard to imagine right? if you wanted us to be "equal" you should have started long ago. This lifestyle I have explained is what a good percentage of my people still face today.there is still many more problems, I just scratched the surface of it. This bill-C45 is gonna make these problems hit an extreme. This is not a solution, this is annihilation, I know this will be the beginning of the end for my people. You have brainwashed people into a bad way of thinking, people who support this Bill are merely uneducated and heartless, they do not understand our terms of agreement for our land, that has been taken from us. I am a high school student and I do not claim to know everything about it either, but I know enough for a say, and my say is this is wrong, this is our land and we will fight for it, do not think this bill is a way to say we are defeated!

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  18. My opinion , my personel view on the conservative govt actions is that they are bailing out Canada by passing these bills .
    There bailing out by selling off/Leasing our resources from Ahnishnabek land to Canadas land to these major corp/big business and probably taking a profit a percentage to cover Canadas debts. Cutting back on funding ie Land shares/Eductaion/Housing/(our rights) to the ahnishnabek people by passing these bills(thats were this assimilation and termination of "Indian" statues comes in),paying taxes .
    Harper and the Conservatives are well prepared and are going to see ther bills through, they had 6 years to plan and prepare and execute . Now that they are majority govt, they have the power to do so. The Ahnishnabek people are so far behind the ball, one bill has already passed with little or no oppposition. Canadians as a whole should've been opposed to Bill C-45 ie. protected waters.
    Rallies and the coming together as one Anishnabek nation and voicing our disagreement our rights are too little too late in my opinion.
    What other methods are there ? How far are are the Ahnishnabek people willing to go to keep our rights to change how we see fit.

    Wasanesa, Odawa from Wikwemikong

  19. Can you please start a group on facebook? I saw a page to like and would like to send group requests to my contacts overseas
    Thank you

  20. Count me in on the protest!! I cannot believe what Harper has done with ramming through the latest Omnibus bill without consultation with indigenous peoples. It is the latest example of his arrogant leadership.

    More than ever in this nation, we need government leadership towards sustainable development and cutting of green house gases NOW. Climate change is here and in our face. Harper wants to speed-up environmental degradation -- and who will that immediately impact -- our indigenous population.

    Indigenous people have been living in a sustainable way for always. So I am now ready to follow our indigenous leaders! Tell me how to protest and where!!

    Jean, Vancouver Island

  21. I have an unpublished essay on Aboriginal right to self-government which I would be happy to allow you to use in publication if you wish. Please feel free to contact me, my email is

  22. I frequently blog about "department of Indian Affairs" issues at "The view from Falling Downs" if I may put in a plug. I have just discovered your wonderful website in the past week. Everything from the petty bickering (what should I wear? what should SHE wear?)to the hope-infused big picture that I see here shows the world that somewhere a people are turning a corner.

    I look forward to learning more about "Idle No More" and wish you every success.

    D. Neuann

  23. Helping you spread the word. Proud of your efforts! Non-First-Nations person here but a grateful Canadian. Trying to push from within, outside, beneath or wherever necessary. Let's not give up.

  24. Its not a Revolution, its an Evolution
    By Veronica Johnny
    December 15, 2012

    The Idle No More gatherings
    Are about ALL peoples uniting
    Its not a Revolution, its an Evolution
    From "ME" to "WE"
    In Peace, Respect, Love & Harmony

    The Grass roots organize
    The Feminine energies rise
    Softly showing the way
    Gentle, for nature, we all pray

    Grandmothers and the youth
    Taking the lead sharing the truth
    Cedar water wiping all eyes
    Clearing the lies, a new sunrise

    For the good of all life everywhere
    For the good of Mother Earth
    For the good of the air & water
    Many future generations to birth

    Seven teachings guide us to the light
    Live by these and eighth fire ignites

    Not a Revolution, its an Evolution
    From "ME" to "WE"
    In Peace, Respect, Love & Harmony

    The Evolution might not be televised
    It will be tweeted and shared on Social networks
    For all our eyes...

  25. We need to see Idle No More in Brantford Ontario home to Canada's Six Nations community. The issues affecting everyone in Brantford, such as segregation by lack of affordable transportation, and diluted bitumen pipeline construction in neighbouring Hamilton, are being completely ignored by local politicians.

  26. Jonathan Augustine
    Once in a while, in the history of the world, comes great leaders that shocked the world. Malcolm X, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and now Chief Spence. She has inspired the Native American population by sacrificing her life, if need be, to be heard and to be taken seriously as a First Nation. My greatest respect for this strong women who said "Thats Enough!". I will not stand by and let my people suffer anymore. I will not be ignored. Her words echo the voices of many Native Americans, "I am willing to die for my people and the First Nations people. The pain is too much and it has to stop!" And the Mik'maq Nation, of the Wabanaki Confedaracy salute you! Oeliag. Thank you!
    I am filled with a great overwhelming sense of pride. One of our Warriors from Elsipogtog has also decided to take a stance to represent the Mi'k Maq Nation and will be going to Ottawa to join Chief Spence and will also take part in the hunger strike. He has made a commitment to stay on the hunger strike for as long as it takes. He will be leaving for Ottawa as early as Tuesday morning. He will be going with a group of individuals that will be his caretakers and his support. We are currently raising funds so that he can travel to Ottawa and his caretakers will be able to stay with him through the duration of their stay.
    We have stood idly by for far too long. We have watched as our treaty and aboriginal rights have been trampled on, spit on, and thrown away little by little. We, the Mi'k Maq Nation, have were the first the see the arrival of the European, the first to be stabbed in the back, the first to be used as experiments for biological warfare(small pox, measles), the first to be hunted, the first to drink their alcohol, the first to be sent to residential school, and we are still here. No matter what they threw at us, WE ARE STILL HERE! And we will not go gentilly into that good night. We have to unite as country, for that is our greatest strength.
    The world has to know what is happening in our own country. We must get the attention of the world to let them know that WE ARE STILL HERE! We do not have to fight fire with fire. We can fight fire with water. Fight hate with LOVE, fight despair with HOPE, and uncertainty with FAITH. We have to be the people we once were. Peaceful, loving, and honorable Warriors that always look out for the best interest of our people!
    Unlike · · 31 · 17 hours ago ·

    You, Brian Copage and Sandra Elliott like this.
    Adela Levi I had to share this message, thank you Jonathan.
    17 hours ago · Like · 1

  27. As The bells are ringing and the drummers drum my heart overflows of pride and joy. Tiss the season to be jolly and it sure is my brothers and sisters from ever
    ywhere. This photo was taken last night as we bid farewell to two brave warriors from Big Cove. As they venture out to Ottawa to support Chief Mrs.Spence in her plea to be heard by Ottawa or Britain, they also carry with them two flags in outmost pride. A Mi'kmaq flag from our Grand Council which was blessed by the Pope in Rome the day Saint Kateri was canonized and our very own Elsipogtog flag. They also take with them a letter of support signed by Chief Sock and keptin Noel Joe Augustine from the grand council. Our generous and supportive community members donated almost $2000.00 to our warriors Jean Sock and Bo Augustine yesterday. With this being said, Yes "we idle no more", And yes Big Cove is as strong as ever. Great job to all our community members. May you both have a safe journey and may you come back braver then ever.

  28. I watched your peaceful non violent march down Wellington Rd in London, On today and I am with you. All Canadians need to wake up and see what Harper is doing to this country. I know you are tired of not being consulted, living in poverty and drinking dirty water. good for you First Nations. you know how to "talk the talk" and "walk the walk".

  29. I'm not a legitimate 1st Nation person, but I was born in this great land that was gifted to us by the Creator and I believe that we must all respond to the way we are being treated. It is beyond insulting and humiliating to flip us a few coins while destroying the Mother Earth that sustains us. I'm a firm believer that we are born from our mother's womb into another womb called Planet Earth and we will be judged on how we treat every living form - plant, animal and human alike - in our existence here. Christian and believers of other faiths have a responsibility of stewardship of the Creation and must be called upon to stand up now.

  30. Thank you for this inspiring moment....a long time in coming...the settlers need to join and follow your direction for the sake of our survival of all people and that of the earth...thank you for bringing back dignity and hope to our eyes. Settlers, step up, time to right some wrongs and stop feeling sorry for ourselves...silent no more...

  31. Let it be known far and wide and across the great waters to the people of the world.....The great Prime Minister of Canada is afraid of one little Native Grandmother.......Tell the Crown and The Queen of England that a coward represents her in Canada but not to worry. Send him to the grandmother who fasts and the Natives will help him to man up. we will put him out on his manhood fast and bring him into the sweat lodge where he will be sucking canvas and kissing the ground. In the end he can decide if he wants to sit with the men or the children.

  32. PLEASE will you start planning protests in major cities in the evenings and weekends. I want to be there, but i have a 9-5 job. I'm sure there would be a surprising number of people on the streets if they could get away from work to join the rally.

  33. When you speak of people supporting you, do you also include The Metis People and support them.
    Member of Algoquins of ONTARIO.Northbay/Mattawa.

  34. As a non native I just want to say good luck to all my native brothers and sisters that I grew up with as you fight for your just rights. You are most deserving of all the resources that lie on your lands. You have been given a raw deal by the Canadian Government from the get go. The Canadian Government should have entered into a partnership with the native Canadians right at the birth of our nation. But I want to warn the native Canadians that your fight will be with the corporations. We do not live in a democracy, we live in an oligarchy, meaning that the governments of this world are puppets for the corporations. The corporations rule the world, and they could care less, it's all about money for them. The perfect example of this is the economic crisis that has enveloped the world since 2008. Caused by greed and fraud.

  35. I am non-indigenous but am totally in support of your cause. I think more people should know about the Omnibus bill and why it is so important not only for the indigenous people but for us all. First nations have much to teach us about fairness, sharing and the environment. It is time your voice is heard and your issues addressed. And know that many people are like me and share this view. This is an issue that should be posted to the entire Avaaz internet community here in Canada and beyond have a petition of support signed. Maybe then, Harper will finally sit up and take note and listen to the people.

  36. Hi there,

    As a person of european descent, I've been so excited to read and hear what's happening with Idle No More. I have been deeply disturbed by many cdn governments' disrespect and disregard for treaty rights, as well as by the racism and hate mongering which happens so frequesntly (and I wish - and I'm sure many others do - that that hateful & hurtful crap didn't happen at all).

    Are there concrete things that would be appropriate for me, as someone who wants to act as an ally, to do to support Idle No More?


  37. Tanya L Friesen/Pearson
    Victoria B.C. Rally at Victoria Parliment Buildings

  38. For supporters who can't go to Ottawa, are telling everyone we can, and want to do more, is there any way to support IdleNoMore with donations? Miigwetch to those who are marching for us.

  39. She:kon, my name is Karonhienhawe(slave name Nicole) I am from Kanehsatake Mohawk community in Quebec better know for where the 'Oka crisis' happened..I decided I wanted to be involved in the Idle No More movement as it stands for so much now we need to stick together and be one, we have needed to do this for some time now, we are and always have been one, we just didn't see it till recently..So as mother of two young children and the great granddaughter of a condoled chief of the six nations, that faught all his life for our rights, I find it my duty to continue his fight, and fight for the right of my childrena dn their future. started a Facebook page Kanehsatake Mohawks Idle No More, I am organizing a rally on the top of the hill on route 344 in Quebec(yes at the top of the hill where we had our barricade in 90..on Saturday December 22 at 10 am. please if anyone can we invite you all, native and non show we are united as well! Skennen (peace)

  40. There will be a flash mob round dance in traverse city michigan tomorrow at noon at the grand traverse mall

  41. Here's a strategy to get global attention and help move Canada to action.

    The top of the list for refugees to Canada are Roma in Hungary. Living conditions for First Nations people are the same as the Roma over there (mind you, we don't have an official fascist party in parliament like Hungary, but the material conditions are grim and cultural genocide is cultural genocide any place you goulash it).

    A First Nation's activist should apply to Hungary for refugee status.

    The Hungarians would play it up. It would be a nifty trickster kind of media thing. Apply. Maybe just at the embassy. Then a few days later ditch it or something. But this draws important equivalencies and opens up crucial conversations.

  42. *photos Montréal 21 décembre 2012 - #manifencours IdleNoMore Montréal:

    #manifencours IdleNoMore Montréal 12h50 [Montréal 21 décembre 2012]:
    #manifencours IdleNoMore Montréal 13h34 [Montréal 21 décembre 2012]:
    #manifencours IdleNoMore Montréal 14h04 [Montréal 21 décembre 2012]:


    Idle No More Demonstration in Montréal
    21 December at noon Cabot Square (Atwater / Sainte-Catherine)


    + d'autres photos Thien V:


  43. Excellent initiative but I would have one remark:
    Why is there no french language availability on the site ?
    As a native initiative to raise more awareness with Canadians, the movement has to reach out everywhere in Canada... What about Québec and french speaking people ? A québecquois who don't speak english has no way to communicate with you why ?

    Pourquoi pas de pages en français sur le site ? Il est nécessaire d'étendre l'attention à l'ensemble de la population canadienne ceci incluant jusqu'à preuve du contraire les citoyens du Québec. Merci de penser à traduire et à communiquer avec les canadiens francophones qui se joigneront sans nul doute au mouvement, pourvu qu'ils puissent comprendre de quoi il retourne.
    Thank you

  44. As a white, fourth generation Canadian I would like to know if this is a movement that includes and respects the rights of all Canadians and our rights to such things as free speech, clean drinking water, affordable food etc.. Or is this a movement strictly about aboriginals and their perceived rights above those of other Canadians????

    1. No, this is for ALL Canadians!

  45. Please share Idle No More - Write to local MP and the PM campaign


  46. I am an immigrant to Canada. I was born In England and my parents brought me to this land when I was three years old. I want to thank you for sharing Turtle Island with me. Never let anyone tell you that the average middle aged white man does not stand in solidarity with the First Nations of this land. I have educated myself about the history of this land. I know all about colonialism, land theft, broken treaties, murder/attempted genocide, attempted cultural and spiritual genocide, and the residential school system. I am with you 100% in your struggle for self-determination and justice. This Government will not listen unless we all make a LOT of noise.

    Spencer Spratley
    Mississauga, Ontario

  47. Done ! Every Canadian needs to realize what is happening and that every bill past by Harper will affect all Canadians in a negative way . If we sit back and do nothing the world will think Canadians agree with Harper's treatment of Native Canadians . I don't agree with Harper and it is our duty to honnor all treaties that were signed in good faith by our fore fathers and our hosts the Native peoples of Canada . Present day Government and past are responsible for the entire breach of contracts and the slow demise of Natives of Canada . Criminal politicians who have used every tactic , smoke and mirrors to kill off a once proud and ethical people . IDLE NO MORE a grass root movement it is growing at a pace that will be unstoppable . The movement makes me proud to be Canadian and I wish to be including with my brothers to fight back !!!!!!!!

  48. Hello ! You should have, at least a portion of, your site, petition, texts, translated in french. This will show that the First Nations do include Québec in their Canada, and also you will probably gain lots of support from France. And, on your Facebook you should have a button "Like" and "Share".

    Ph. Said

  49. Please post..

  50. Wendy Butler

    I understand that some of the NDP are saying that Liberals hate the Aboriginal community. I would like to say that I (President of the Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta) marched with you yesterday, listened to the words spoken yesterday, and danced with you yesterday I can promise you that Liberals do not hate you or what you are trying to do for your people and Canada.

    When Paul Martin was sworn in as Prime Minister your people opened the celebration with your sweet-grass tradition. It set the tone of what would eventually result in The Kelowna Accord. An agreement with First Nations, provinces and the Federal government that would truly improve your education, employment, and living conditions through government programs.

    Unfortunately for you and all of Canada, when Harper called to bring down the Martin government, the NDP voted with Harper and brought down the Martin government and Kelowna was and remains dead. This is also try for the National Early Education and Child Care Program.

    Paul Martin is still working for your people and so is the LIberal Party of Canada.

    I am a teacher and I will tell your stories to my students when we get back after the holidays, as I have with reading a novel about sentencing circles, your treaties, and your collective rights in our wonderful country.

    We do not hate your people - We stand strong with you

    Below is a letter written by Carolyn Bennett

    Prime Minister,
    I write to you today on behalf of our Parliamentary caucus regarding a matter of critical importance which requires that you act expeditiously.

    Your decision to treat First Nations in Canada as “adversaries” has done significant damage to the goodwill generated by your Statement of Apology on behalf of the Crown to former students of Indian Residential Schools. The discontent of First Nations with your government’s subsequent unilateral and paternalistic approach has reached a level that could irrevocably damage the relationship between First Nations and the Crown and will lead to long-term confrontation.

    The hunger strike of Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat, which began on December 11, illustrates the profound frustration of First Nations leaders with your refusal to listen to or act upon their legitimate concerns. Your government has failed to uphold the responsibilities of the Crown to First Nations, including the duty to fully consult on policies and legislation which will directly impact on the rights of First Nations.

    Since the Crown First-Nations Gathering your government has been ramming through legislation on First Nations’ financial reporting, matrimonial property on reserves, regulation of water and wastewater, various portions of the Indian Act, Aboriginal Fisheries, land management and environmental protection – all without proper prior consultation and the necessary resources to implement the changes being imposed upon them. In fact, your government has cut funding to Aboriginal councils and regional organizations, weakening their capacity to implement your government’s new rules and regulations.

    Chief Spence has stated that she will remain on this hunger strike until a meeting can be arranged between the Crown, the federal government, provincial governments and all Treaty Nations to discuss outstanding issues regarding the Treaty relationship.

    Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Shawn Atleo has requested that you and Governor General David Johnston both agree to a meeting to “demonstrate respect and attention to the priorities set by First Nations”.
    I urge you to agree to participate in this meeting and meet with Chief Theresa Spence to hear directly from her why she has felt it necessary to take such drastic action to call attention to the deteriorating relationship between First Nations and your government.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Dr. Carolyn Bennett Liberal Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Critic

  51. Tesla scientifically proved native spiritualism.
    Every living thing on the planet (yes including you),
    has an internal electrical operating system, that is with in
    a few cycles per second of every other living thing!

    We were connected!Lets reconnect.

    In my opinion

    We need to replace the fossil fuel power plants, the primary source of GHG. Now!

    At a scale required to accomplish this task :

    Ethanol starves people : not a viable option.

    Fracking releases methane : not a viable option.

    Cellulose Bio Fuel Uses Food Land : not a viable option

    Solar uses food land : Not a viable option

    Wind is Intermittent : Not a viable option

    All Human and Agricultural Organic Waste can be converted to hydrogen, through exposure intense radiation!

    The Radioactive Materials exist now, and the Organic waste is renewable daily.

    Ending the practice of dumping sewage into our water sources.

    Air, Water, Food and Energy issues, receive significant positive impacts .

    Reducing illness / health care costs as well !

    Dennis Baker
    106 - 998 Creston Avenue
    Penticton BC V2A1P9
    cell phone 250-462-3796
    Phone / Fax 778-476-2633

  52. Hello I have taken down the Avaaz petition ( Canada Governo General to Visit Chief Spence)referred to earlier. My apologies for any erroneous action. Tom

    1. PETITION???!!


      I have been searching for a petition which I think would be an excellent vehicle at this point. There are a few floating around but it would be important to unite behind one single and simple request. The one I have found which looks the most promising at this point is:

      Do you know of any others?

  53. I am a non aboriginal in support of this movement. A treaty is a treaty whether it was agreed to 500 years ago. If one party wants to change it, both parties must agree. Although I was born in Canada, the Canadian government does not represent me and I feel shame to be assocaited with my designation as a "Canadian". I think that the majority of Canadian citizens would not condone the way the government has treated the aboriginal peoples,(if they were better informed) making treaties when they were feeling equal in power then breaking them when they grew more powerful. This is not honourable in the least. Our political system, however, with it's first past the post rules and the legalized corruption that is lobbying has given us only the illusion of democracy. It's time to take back for the people what is their natural right.

  54. Can you put the most recent posts at the top? thx

  55. Is it true that Bill C45 Received Royal Assent Friday? I thought everything was on hold until February?

  56. I am so encouraged to see the First nations stand up! Although not Fn I fully support your effort and would like to help any way I can....your naysayers are those who are either to spineless to stand up to Harper and his corporate cronies or just as evil as his ilk are...Peter Hudyman, Sudbury, Ont.,

  57. don't see a 'like' button to post to my facebook page... helps spread the word.

  58. Mr. Stephen Harper. As an active Aboriginal member in the Canadian Forces The thought of you pushing Bill C-45 though without consulting Aboriginal people first is a Shame full act on your part. This act has inspired me to release from the Forces. Due to the fact that before this i would have laid down my life for the flag on any given day. How do you expect anybody to fight for a country the wont fight for them?. stripping our rights away as an aboriginal people. If that's the case since we live in a equal opportunity country with equal rights, Once i am no longer classified as an aboriginal person will i be treated fair?.. Will i be able to walk into a store and not have people follow me around the store classifying me as a thief?. Will the racism stop?. Will you begin to fix the living condition's for aboriginal people living in third world conditions?. Will we have a better education system rather then being in grade 9 and learning at a grade 4 level. Will we have clean drinking water?.

    So with that being said you are a political crook just like everyone else on the political playing field. I wonder how much of the cut you get once aboriginal land is striped of its resources?.

  59. I did a quick search for "postal" so wasn't sure if you had the link for the Postal
    Worker Union's letter of support:

  60. We should raise money to send our chiefs to london and protest to the queen. maybe that will make greater effort since steven harper seems to ignore our protest. Something to think about.

  61. hi I found this youtube video worth sharing.

  62. I sent email about Idle No More to the 'story tips' emails at CNN, National Public Radio, and the New York Times, I hope so much they cover you.

    This movement is the most important thing that is happening in North America, in my opinion. Your leadership is inspirational, needed, and deeply appreciated by more people than you may know. The time is NOW!

    In Western Massachusetts, we have had an old, dangerous nuclear power plant shoved down our throats in the crookedest manner possible. We know that Exxon, Shell, De Beers, Rio Tinto, BP, Entergy, all the oil and tar sands interests will eat us alive, and our earth, and in this way we will bequeath a hell to our children. First Nations are the ones who have developed the wisdom to know this, to know the true insanity of it, and First Nations have lived on the front lines of environmental injustice, paying with their health and lives while colonialism rolls like a steam roller, never stopping. It is the responsibility of all of us to stop this madness now. ENOUGH! Idle No More!

  63. BLESS YOU ALL for doing what I believe should have been done YEARS ago; perhaps DECADES ago... standing up for your rights; for the rights of all Indigenous People across Canada. I am white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant; my family has been in Canada for over 300 years, and we have always believed that the First Nations and Indigenous Peoples have been treated grossly unfairly. It's time for our Provincial, Municipal, and Federal governments to take notice and DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE.

  64. I am Allen Rosario from Indian, I now live in Thunder Bay ON. I support Idle No More.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”- Margaret Mead

  65. Bravo les Premières Nations!

    est-ce vrai que dans chaque "québécois de souche" coule un peu de sang indien? Que le métissage était chose courante? J'ai peut-être une vue édulcoré et infantile des aborigènes mais leur cosmologie n'est-elle pas plus écologique que celle de "l'homme blanc"?

    Nous vous avons volé votre terre, saurez-vous nous aider à sauver Pachamama?

    Où peut-on aider fiancièrement votre cause?

  66. Having followed the career and work of Kevin Annett for a good few years now I have to say I am both surprised and perplexed that there appears to be no mention of him whatsoever on this site.

    As I am certain those responsible for this project well know, Kevin Annett has, over an extended period, endured considerable hardship and calumny at the hands of the Canadian Establishment, as a direct result of his single-minded concience-driven concern and work for the Native Peoples of Canada.

    I would therefore like to understand why there appears to be no connection between his ITCCS initiative and this project - and especially so since the name of this project is uncannily similar to Kevin Annett's magnum opus "Hidden No Longer".

    Maybe I'm just an ignorant outsider, but from my perspective here in the UK, the silence on this matter is frankly deafening.

  67. there are plenty of postings on youtube, i just checked

  68. A Message from a Metis woman married to a First Natons man to any Michifs/Metis reading this site....

    Lii Michif! Metis people! Don't become pawns of the Harper government! Many of us are married to First Nations people. If you live on reserve and your common-law or martial relationship breaks down, under Harper's bill S-2, you, a Metis could gain treaty-breaking rights to reserve land! If due to poverty or other reasons, you "had" to sell/sign over your rights to someone other the First Nation to which the land belongs, the land could end up being alienated FOREVER! Harper could use you to help him break up and destroy the land bases of First Nations people--our relations! We need to think about how the government is trying to "divide and conquer". Let's stand up. Let's stand united. Let's get educated on the issues. Let's be Idle No More!

    Heather Souter

  69. Does anyone have any information on anything taking place in Phoenix Arizona?

  70. I am not a member of the First nations, but I am a Canadian and resident of Nova Scotia. I simply wish to say that I support Idle no more and your initiative. On Dec 21st I got delayed on Hwy 102 for about 40 minutes at Millbrook, NS. I was impressed with the organization and pleasant demeanor of the participants. They were a credit to your organization. Well done !

  71. I too am looking for events in either Tucson or Phoenix

  72. I am the Enbridge Tar Sand whistle blower and I tried to email the web site managers but it wont let me email anyone. Can someone on here have anyone that wants my help. to speak on radio shows all over Canada. I want to help. My videos about the spill in Michigan are very useful to your cause and all the sick residents can help with there voice. Please pass them around and come to my web site. or 269-580-5393 John Bolenbaugh call anytime

  73. Can you tell me if there are any gatherings planned for the medicine hat area.

  74. I'm a Aboriginal and have written down my thoughts in the following blog posting:
    Shane Pennells

  75. new canadian i,ve been following the hunger strike of chief theresa spence , and i want to give her my support and also all the cause of first nations and i think that it is a shame that Mr. Harper ignore the loud and strong voice of the people ,who is demanding justice and equality to everybody in this country shame on you Mr Harper

  76. You may want to look at your counter - it probably should be adjusted to 7 digits.

  77. Here in Milwaukee Wisconsin on January 18th 2013 at noon we will have a march for Ilde No More. We will gather at the Grand Ave. Mall and march to the lake front after which we will have a prayer ceremony. Now is the time to make those elected officials who say they agree with us to show us some action and not hide behind the goverments of which they are employed. We need to see who these elected officials are that are willing to stand by their words and not be afraid to act on behalf of the people which they were sworn to serve. Come join us as we Ilde No


Thank you for your comment and please help spread the word, the time is NOW!