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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Writers and academics!

IDLE NO MORE is requesting all writers, academics that do writing on decolonization, treaties, self-determination, UN related, and  Indigenous sovereignty to share your writings.

We would like a collection of writing for resources, so all can gain knowledge on resurgence.

please email  so we may post to the site.


  1. American Holocaust: The Destruction of America's Native Peoples

  2. UNREPENTANT - CANADA'S GENOCIDE (documentary): First Nations history of colonialism and indian res schools.

  3. Remembrance Day for Me
    by Tee Cee on Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 4:31pm ·

    On this day November 11, 2008 on the 11 hour, I took part in a moment of silence to respect and remember those who have died in the war. The ones who never came home and the ones whose bodies were left and never found.

    But this is what I remembered.

    The children who were taken from their families, ordered to be civilized.I remembered those little warriors who where too young to understand.

    The little warriors the world has forgotten and continues to forget.

    These children were not only taken from loving families, some never returned home.

    I watched as the veterans' tears running down their cheeks, remembering lost friends and family of a war.

    My tears reminded me of grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, and fathers, as they watched their grandchildren and children who were taken away.I thought of the tears they must have had streaming down their faces not knowing when and if ever they will see them again.

    The harsh reality of being powerless, unable to believe, how and why can someone take my child away from me? Finally left with such despair, they cry out to creator, and find a little bit of hope there. Hope that maybe, someday, their child will return?

    What little warriors they were, facing the unknown.A child who did not know what the future would bring. Left with a feeling of abandonment wondering what they did wrong, their families where letting them go.

    In my heart I know they too were brave little solders. At least an adult who joined the army knew what their outcome might be.

    What was left for that little warrior?Abandonment and resentment, for a family they loved.The little warrior stripped of an identity.

    I remember the little warrior who was tortured in enemy lines.Who fought back and was left behind, hidden in a grave to this day, unmarked. Nobody knows.

    Today I remember my mother who is a warrior that made it home.

    Written for my Mother Nellie Crowe and all Residential School Survivors

    Written by Tina Crowe-Maravich

  4. Jess check out http;// there you will find the information required on International "DECOLONIZATION" for the Nations.

    Nicole Lebrasseur

  5. If you have anything in specific that you need written I can do the research and draft it up.

    -Stephanie Higgs

  6. Russell Means made perfect sense when he said " slow genocide by the stroke of a pen" by politicians who oppose Indigenous people rights. For instance, Eric Cantor of the 7th district of Virginia, voted against the (VAWA) bill recently,that would protect Native women from non-native predators on native land. By opposing this bill, Indigenous women are not protected and non-natives can now get away with anything they want to on reservation land. It is time to take back our power and control/protect Indigenous women on our own land. Take the power back and stop this slow genocide that is occurring with the stroke of the pen. (For Indigenous movement items).


Thank you for your comment and please help spread the word, the time is NOW!