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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Request for emergency debate within the HOC

Good day Mr. Angus,
This is an urgent matter as it relates to Chief Spence as well as all Canadian citizens and the First Nations/Indigenous people of Turtle Island, so please forgive my lack of using the proper etiquette in contacting you.
We understand you are willing to support Chief Spence in her hunger strike.  We too are also supporting her in as much capacity that we can.  We are the founders of the grassroots movement Idle No More. 
We would like to see if you would call an emergency debate with the outcome of ultimately having Chief Spence's requests met.  This is urgent, as she as well as others have embarked on their own hunger strikes and with no consideration and requests heeded we feel the outcome will be very much a bad thing for the collective of Canada as well as the international image that Canada's government will be viewed as.
Please advise as to the steps we take in any protocol or request for an emergency debate in which urgent recommendations and requests are acted on.

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