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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Promote Idle NO More

What can you do to promote Idle NO More???


WE NEED YOU TO DO YOUR MAGIC...Tweet, Live Stream, Facebook, Post, upload Pics, Video...share...


  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Tweet (Twitter): 
    • #idlenomore
    • @idlenomore
  • Write letters to Harper, senators, MPs...
  • Inform, inspire, Impact...
  • Share, repost, pass on...
  • Talk About it, with friends, family, strangers, anyone you have an ear...
  • Call Media
  • Be creative and express how Idle NO More inspired you...
    • Write poems, articles, books, stories, slogans
    • Take Video or Pictures with an Idle No More Banner, Poster & share...
    • Be, videos, Youtube, pictures...
      • thank you Dwayne Bird, Aaron Paquette and other artists for your creations
  • Research
  • Make posters, t-shirts, pins, flags,...
  • Educate yourself, become informed
  • Exercise your rights
  • Get involved
  • Last but not least.... AWAKEN YOUR SPIRIT (HEART) & STAND...the possibilities are endless.
Grassroots People...Idle NO MORE

1 comment:

  1. No just youth! We elders want to help too and we know how to tweet!!! :-)

    Thank you for your leadership!


Thank you for your comment and please help spread the word, the time is NOW!