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Sunday, December 16, 2012

One Heartbeat Across Turtle Island December 21


Idle NO More 
has called to drummers and singers from across Turtle Island
to join us 
on December 21st at NOON (CST) 
for a Global Synchronized Spiritual Awakening.

The heartbeat of the drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth, is the heartbeat of the people. 

Drums are the oldest living instruments on earth, and their vibration helps us tune into the natural frequency of the earth, connecting us to all that is through a shared heartbeat.
The drum combines animal and plant life to make an instrument that rings not only through the air, but across time. All the elements of Nature are used in the creation of the drum, representing the circle of life in all its aspects.
Our songs hold the stories of our past and the visions for our future.


Please review your timezone to ensure your Drum Beats at same time as Drums at Noon (12:00PM Central Standard Time) on December 21, 2012

Check this Website to Convert Area Location From Central Standard Time 12:00PM (NOON)


One Heartbeat Across Turtle Island <<< See what time you need to drum & sing in your area (remember, it needs to be near water).


  1. Thank you for Idle No More it is Time Now for us all to wake up, stand united and remember our power as women...many prayers for our brave sister Theresa Spence, this must be done because our people especially the woman must not SUFFER anymore...we women want peace and good health, we must have the healthy women stand tall and proud -as we have always been a matriarchal society, with the good men who are pure of heart, with no egos to stand beside us...the ancestors are guiding us all!
    Gitche Manitou hi hi..
    Osawuskiskwew brown bear woman

  2. I will be traveling in the US with my little family in the traditional Chippewa Territory of the Red Lake Nation but will stop by the roadside and offer my sacred tobacco in the forest amongst the towering pines of their land at 1PM. I am an American but lived in Canada all my life.


  3. ...........................................................

    The Queen's Son Charles wants this to happen. He said so.

    He wants to CONVENE. He recognizes himself as the Chief Convener.

    He wants indiginous Peoples Rights and Treaties to be recognized.

    He cares deeply about the land and the water. He wants to stop the

    violation, repair the damage and protect Earth for future generations.

    The Lakebeds and Riverbeds were never ceded. He knows it.

    He is the Future King and Head of the Crown and has the power.

    Does anyone know and understand Indiginous Law better

    than Dr John Borrows at U Minnesota? How can these two men

    meet to take the first step to change and do it right this time?

    The Governor General already stepped back. He showed he is

    the servant of the government by what he said which is wrong.

    The Future King is the decider, NOT this government in Canada.



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