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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Keep the Fires Burning...

We challenge every Nation across Turtle Island to Awaken...keep the Sacred Fires Burning...
"the Harper government may have awoken a real sleeping giant" (Net News Letter).

In your Indigenous Language, please add your comment(s) below of thanks & gratitude, as we need to ensure we thank all our Ancestors, our Fire Keepers, our Peace Warriors, all connected to Natural Law...and especially our mothers...when we rise to greet the morning sky and end our day, expressing our gratitude for another day...

kinanaskomitin mistahiy


  1. Hello,
    I did not grow up learning that I have first nations in my families and therefore have no Indigenous language to communicate with. After years of ancestry research I have discovered that I have much first nations ancestry.

    I want to thank you and offer you my deepest respect for what you are doing. This is the way...peace, respect and it has always been.

  2. I suspect that you have far more support among non-Indigenous Canadians than you know. More than Stephen Harper, more than the governments that have come before his, I feel represented by you, by your efforts to preserve that which has not yet been destroyed. I will stand with you for the sake of our children and grandchildren, and because I feel strongly that our love for our Mother Earth unites us.

  3. Miigwetch Nmishoomis, Miigwetch Nookmis, Gii-bi-waase-aazheyin nongwa. Miigwetch ndikid nongwa Gii-miizhiiyaang mino-bi-maad-sa-win. Miigwetch ndikid nongwa gii-miizhiiyaang nesewin. Miigwetch shkikimi-kwe ogii miizhiyaang maadizowin ogii miizhiyaang nbiish. Miigwetch waabnong, zhaawanong, epingishmak, miinwa giiwedinong. Miigwetch gzheminidoo.

    Gchi miigwech to all the communities and allies fighting as well. We will not sit on the sidelines and watch anymore. Nor will we be erased.

  4. One branch of my family have been in Canada since the 1700s -- I KNOW I have First Nations ancestry somewhere along that chain of ancestors. You are showing the courage to stand up to our current dictatorship while the rest of us -- the majority of Canadians who did not vote for Mr. Harper -- are too afraid to make noise. We sit back and gnash our teeth in frustrations. Nancy is right -- you have far more support out there than may be demonstrated at the moment -- we need to get off our couches stand beside you.

  5. This is the most beautiful expression of love that I have ever seen.

  6. Gitchi Meegwetch, gawina boon tak ooma ga doo da mek. Gi di lee lee moowuk Oochi ba si gew tak. Ba Si Gew Tak!!!

  7. theoriginaltreaties and acts against the first nations may be illegal, since they were never voted on, just passed as law. wouldn't this ggive all the land directly back to us natives?

  8. Beautiful...Wopila Tanka! (Big Thanks)


  9. ...........................................................

    The Queen's Son Charles wants this to happen. He said so.

    He wants to CONVENE. He recognizes himself as the Chief Convener.

    He wants indiginous Peoples Rights and Treaties to be recognized.

    He cares deeply about the land and the water. He wants to stop the

    violation, repair the damage and protect Earth for future generations.

    The Lakebeds and Riverbeds were never ceded. He knows it.

    He is the Future King and Head of the Crown and has the power.

    Does anyone know and understand Indiginous Law better

    than Dr John Borrows at U Minnesota? How can these two men

    meet to take the first step to change and do it right this time?

    The Governor General already stepped back. He showed he is

    the servant of the government by what he said which is wrong.

    The Future King is the decider, NOT this government in Canada.


  10. My ancestry is one of whites who killed the indigenous peoples of the early colonies in the states. This I have discovered only over the past couple of years. I have, throughout my life, felt the Native peoples have been short changed, cheated and murdered in the name of expansion of settlements by a white people who thought they were much better than the Native peoples.

    As a decendent of these people, I apologize from the core of my soul, for the treatment of the Native people. I wish I knew what I could do to try to correct the wrongs of my ancestors.

    Barbara Schulz


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