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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Emil Bell to also go on hunger strike & Letter to Chief Spence

The following is from a dear friend Emil Bell.  Please understand that we have our people willing to die to ensure our children do not have to go through any pain.:

When I woke up this morning, I heard a woman singing a song, don't know if it was a victory or war song. As I mentioned I had to make a very heavy and difficult trip south to talk to my family, humbly requesting them to respect my decision and to give me their blessing of joining Chief Theresa Spence on a hunger strike. It was very difficult to ask the People that love you, to give you their respect, support and blessing, to give up your life for a cause that you believe in. I am a very fortunate man, my family respect my decision and have given me their blessing. (My daughter Donna Lynn Lerat has committed to fasting for four days in solidarity). As of this morning I am starting the hunger strike in solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence. After 30 days in my hunger strike, if the harper, wall regime et. el. do not give us any indication that they will listen and abide by the will of the People (Aboriginal and non Aboriginal) it will be a hunger strike to the "death". 
1.    The hunger strike is in solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence and for further information go into:
2.    In solidarity and supporting the Young Women of "Idle No More" and their supporters to remain strong in spirit in the struggle against the harper 
       government's proposed legislation that will affect First Nations way of life.
3.    The hunger strike is in solidarity with the People who are opposing the transportation and strorage of high level radioactive waste in Northern    
       Saskatchewan, or any where in Saskatchewan. If we get a major nuclear disaster in Northern Saskatchewan, our Treaties, Inherent Rights, The plant
       life, animal life, The many gifts from the Creator, such as water, air and all life forms that have sustain us since the begining of time will all be 
       affected. We literally are being used as Guinea pigs in a nuclear experiment by the nuclear waste management organization called a High Level
       RadioActive Waste Repository which has never proven to work any where in the world. People north of the 53 are targetted group because we 
       number about 20 thousand. We're viewed as acceptable collateral damage. 
4.    The hunger strike is to support the residents of Pine House who are opposed to the signing of the "Collaboration Agreement" between the leadership
       of Pine House and cameco corporation and areva resources canada inc. Some of the concerns about the impact of the agreement are as follows: the 
       Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms including s.35, The Duty to Consult, s.7 (the right to life, liberty and security of the person), section 2(b) of
       Freedon of Expression, Aboriginal Treaties, International Law and Environmental statues. 
Once again this old tired warrior from the Canoe Lake Cree Nation is putting out a request to support and show your solidarity to Chief Theresa Spence and the Young Women of Idle No More and the People involved in the struggle against the Nuclear dump and the People of Pine House in their fight against the
"Collaboration Agreement".
We do this for our Children, GrandChildren and the ones not yet born. What kind of a world do we want to leave future generations. We do this for Mother Earth and all life forms that have sustained us since time immemorial.
Viva "Mother Earth" in Solidarity, Be Strong.

His Letter to and in support of Chief Spence:

 "Tansi Chief Spence

Let me begin by telling you, this is a courageous act on your part and I have a lot of admiration and will support you. This is something that has been very heavy on my mind for some time now and it is not a decision that is taken very lightly. A lot of Prayers and contemplation went into this and the decision was finally made after I learned about your hunger strike. I will support you in every which way I know how and I firmly believe that this is the right path to take. I read the article and also have reasons of my own to go on the hunger strike. Very briefly, Many of us and supporters from outside of our province have been working very hard to prevent the nuclear waste management organization from building a high level radioactive waste repository (nuclear dump) in Northern Saskatchewan, or any where in Saskatchewan. I'm also doing it for the Young Women of Idle No More are working tirelessly against the sections of the bills that will affect our way of life. The assimilation policy is a very sick twisted social engineering scheme that keeps rearing it's ugly head. I will be starting the hunger strike tomorrow morning in support of all of you. After 30 days of the hunger strike, if we don't get any favourable action on the part of both Federal and Provincial government(s), then, it will be a hunger strike to the death. And again, this is my decision and I don't expect other People to make this commitment. Before I could start with the hunger strike, I had to humbly ask my family to respect and support my decision and to get their blessing. It's very hard to ask People who are very close to you, to our People respect, support and to give you their blessing to give up your life for a causes you firmly believe in. This we do for our Children, GrandChildren, future generations and "Mother Earth" and all life forms that have sustain us our People for a long long time.

E-kosi, My prayers to you all


1 (306) 829-4311

1 (306) 202-7528"


  1. You have a big heart. Your deeds will go down in history about a Brave Indian Woman who took on the big guy

  2. Emil: prayers to you. I'm not gifted with words like you are. My email to Chief Spence.

    Hello Chief Spence:

    Please excuse my ignorance of formal communication protocol.

    I do this for Brooklyn, Feather and Easton, my young friends with such beautiful light in their little eyes, the light children have when they believe that anything is possible.

    I'm scared to death by the statistics and the thought of what will happen to them when they grow up.

    I choose to walk this path with you, for the children.

    Lisa Nolan

  3. So sad how ones life has to be taken to have any positive prayers for you my friend...I see you standing at the beginning of a golden stairway with the creator holding your strong...have faith..

  4. This a chance to change history. I have been in Seattle, and Quebec city and I believe that this is one of those moments that changes the battle ground. Please go to Ottawa on Jan. 1. If there is no better cause, consider what we have done to our First Natiions

  5. Mitakuye Oyasin! Love, light and strength to you Chief Spence, Emil Bell, and all who stand in solidarity. I shall light a candle and the sage and meditate upon what actions I can take that will be most effective. I will spread the word. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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