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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dwayne Bird, Artist

There are so many people out there from those who tweet, share, Facebook about Idle No More, to those who pick up a pen to do a poster, create a video, write a story, poem, or even a "positive thought" about the purpose of this revolution, movement, stand, rise, resurgence and so forth but it's all everyone's collective initiatives that keep this going, their creativity, their heart, their desire, it's so many things...all we know is at the end of the day, their is endless gratitude, including knowing this "needs" to be done, it "has" to be done.

As a result, we want to send a humble thank you to a person who's posters have been seen throughout Turtle Island from Idle No More grassroots people.

kinanaskom'tin Dwayne (Cree: thank you with much gratitude, humility, appreciation, honor..there are no english words to completely describe).

Here are some of the works of Dwayne's we have seen out there in the hands of people:


  1. Please circulate his website to promote his work:

  2. idle No More.Protest against NeoCon Tory PM Harper+his Big Oil Pogrom 2 Alter Water Protect Act,Destroying Fish,Polluting Lakes & Native Villages!Plz Help stop Racist PM Harpers Pogroms.
    Support Equlity & Rights of 1st Nation from Harper Tory Fascist Thugs!
    One Way is Vote NDP,Liberals,Green Peace...



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