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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chiefs take fight to House of Commons’ doorstep

Chiefs take fight to House of Commons’ doorstep

Raw video of dramatic confrontation involving First Nations chiefs on the doorstep to the House of Commons chamber where MPs pass the laws of the land
By Jorge Barrera and Kenneth Jackson
APTN National News
OTTAWA–First Nations chiefs clashed with Parliament Hill security guards Tuesday after they tried to enter the House of Commons and deliver a message to the Harper government that the time for talk had passed.
Surrounded by the crush of video cameras and bathed in the glow of TV lights, the chiefs from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario served notice that they now planned to take “direct action” against the Harper government.
The dramatic confrontation lasted for only about 30 seconds when chiefs relented and pulled back from their attempt to enter the green-carpeted chamber where the laws of the land get debated and only MPs and chamber officials are allowed to enter.
Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee led the attempted walk into the chamber and was flanked by Serpent River First Nation Chief Isadore Day, Onion Lake Cree Nation Chief Wallace Fox and Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand Derek Nepinak.
“We were asked to come in here,” said Madahbee.
“No, not in the chamber,” said a Parliament Hill security guard.
“We need to go into the House of Commons,” said Day. “We allowed them onto this land. We signed treaties with this government.”
But the security guards barred the way.
“You are not going to accomplish anything by rushing into the Commons chamber,” said the guard.
“We are not rushing, we are trying to walk in if you get the hell out of the road,” said Madahbee.
Moments earlier, oil-rich Onion Lake Cree Nation Chief Wallace Fox confronted Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE & WATCH THE NEWS COVERAGE

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